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Specialist Adult Psychiatry
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Specialist Adult Psychiatry
 [Referenznr. LR-14]
Description of the work at the clinic / health center

We are looking for three specialists, mainly for outpatient care. Two services for adult psychiatry in Hudiksvall, one to Bollnäs.

As a specialist on the receptions, you participate in a team around the patients. There is a clear structure, where all patients undergo structured diagnosis initially, treatment plan is planned accordingly. This ensures that all patients receive evidence-based care and treatment based on each patients condition. Ophthalmology offers efforts to a wide clientele. The open mind is responsible for all psychiatric conditions, such as affective diseases, personality disorders, anxiety disorder, ADHD and certain addiction problems.

A large part of the lighter to middle difficult psychiatry is managed in primary care because the patients you meet on reception are often very ill. As a doctor, you are expected to have at least 5 visits per day. Supervision of younger colleagues is included as a natural part of the work and participation in the units medical development.
Specialists perform the most physician-specific tasks such as diagnostics, drug treatment and the establishment of a care / treatment plan together with the team, on the other hand, psychotherapies are conducted by psychotherapists with other basic professionals. Dutywork is included in the service, both daily and evening / night duties.

You also need knowledge to replace your staff when vacation, illness, etc accure. In Hudiksvall there are two healthcare departments, a general psychiatric hospital with two over-the-counter services and a psychiatric department with a senior care service. As a specialist, you are responsible for the assessment and treatment of these patients. The work is done in teams taking into account the patients entire situation (psychiatric, medical, social). The departments work with structured processes to ensure a thorough investigation and planning for care efforts. Patients have their main contact and treatment at our outpatient clinics but in case of failure or severe deterioration, in patient-care can be considered. The aim is, however, that the patient should be able to return to his regular treatment contacts in open care. The department therefore has short periods of care and a large turnover on patients. The average care period is 12-15 days and on average 2 new patients are written per day. The departments have continuous doctors during training, so supervision is a natural part of the work. Specialists are expected to play an active role in the departments medical development.

Number of inhabitants in the catchment area?
The area serves 63,000 inhabitants.

Number of employees, residents, specialists, nurses and other staff

In the region there are about 400 employees in psychiatry. The staff consists of various occupational groups such as psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, cuncelers, doctors in training and residents, administrative staff, etc.
Two Units for Doctors; Gästrikland and Hälsingland.
. Up to 26 psychiatrists and 15 residents work at the clinic but at different locations. In addition, we have 4 consultants who fill our vacancies. Every year we have about 45 doctors in training and 10 residents (future general practitioners)
Open-minded Department in Northern Hälsingland:
Units in Hudiksvall and Ljusdal. 5 general practitioners, in addition, we often have doctors in training and residents. Serves 63,000 inhabitants, a total of 42 employees. Serve a population of 65 000. Total number of staff 32.
Outpatient department in Southern Hälsingland
Units i Bollnäs and Söderhamn. 5 senior psychiatrists, often residents and interns.

Plans for the future, for example, if the business will develop in any particular direction, or organizational changes?

The activity has been offensive in terms of recruitment of specialists and has a clear goal in terms of good job crew that ensures the needs of citizens for psychiatric efforts. We make great efforts to offer good education to younger doctors, so as to attract doctors to specialist training with us, which has been successful.
Most development work is under way in our endeavor to offer the best care efforts for our citizens based on current evidence. We work based on national guidelines and local practices. We strive to offer a good working environment for our doctors and to create a good collegial atmosphere and feeling. A job that employers and employees do together. This will be an important part of you.

Job Description and Location:

You need to be a flexible person who likes changes. You work in a team of your own patients, but you go for day and night and weekend duties. If necessary, you can support the inpatient department. We are developing a concept of consultation via computer in the county (equivalent to doctor visits via Skype) and preferably look forward to your interest in participating in the development of this. We also wish you to have an interest in ADHD treatment and substitution treatment for opiate addiction.
Number of vacancies: 3

Specialist education psychiatry.

Clinical experience, what kind of treatments / patients do you expect the doctor to have experience with. Years of Experience?

All of the vacancies involve working with most of the psychiatric diagnoses, why a broad background is a plus.

Special knowledge and skills or special interests that are important to the job?

Good ability to collaborate and teamwork.

Important personal characteristics?

It is important that you put the patients needs first and foremost and take joint responsibility for the patients best interests. You need a flexible personality and be prepared to strengthen where the needs of the moment are as greatest. Reliable, ambitious and good collaborative skills are other qualities we value. In return, we try to offer you good opportunities for further education, stimulating tasks that you can influence based on personal preferences and good opportunities to participate in the development of care. We attend meetings as far as possible, your willingness to vacations. You are a person who likes a lot of responsibility in combination with freedom and flexibility, so I think you are good at us!

Do you have on duty work? In such cases, how is this organized?

On duty work is included as mandatory in all jobs. We currently apply preparedness, which means you don´t have to be in the hospital but must be able to be there within 30 minutes. There is a primary event usually for resident doctors or for doctors under education. As a specialist your role is to act as a back-up. The number of duties per month may vary but 4-5, of which 1-2 weekend days are a regular amount of duty. The duties are located in Hudiksvall. As a doctor in Bollnäs you have fewer duties. During your learning period you will be going to primary duties beside the rest of he residents. Later, when you can work as a specialist your role will be to back up the residents. When you get a delegation to deal with emergency care issues, which usually happens when you get a consultant employment, your duty will instead be a backup doctor.
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To apply:
Please send your CV mentioning reference LR-14 at
Contact person: Vitaly Pryadka
Tel.: +44 20 8144 2822



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